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Last week, SSST representatives from the International and PR Office, as well as the Registry stayed at FAU University in Erlangen as part of the ERASMUS staff exchange program. During their stay, they had the opportunity meet up with several different departments related to marketing,...

Jun 1, 2023

Check out some of the inspiring summer activities of our Layla Jusko, a Political Science and International Relations student!

Although just warming up for the second year of her studies, Layla has already accomplished so much: she is a dedicated volunteer for the EUPHAM project, spearheaded by her department; for some years she has been also working within the Red Cross Society of Bosnia-Herzegovina, assuming a more...

Oct 19, 2022

Hard work on the VECTOR project by NATOBIH is finally public!

Together with her team, Professor Belma Ramić Brkić, Computer Science and Information Systems Dean has presented how technology and smart solutions, when strategically used, can provide valuable data in high risk situations.  End users, in this case, deminers, had the opportunity to take pictures...

Jun 10, 2022

Fun fact: did you know there are wild flamingos in Salzburg? Or that there is a wildly popular street food place inspired by Bosnian cuisine in the heart of the city?

This is some insider knowledge shared by Ena Strika, our PSIR student. And no – Ena was not on a mission to chase flamingos or experience local street food, although it was a nice perk. She has been chosen for full-year mobility at the University of Salzburg, where she currently enjoys the...

Feb 28, 2022

Student exchange is everything you imagined – and more

One of the many opportunities SSST has to offer its students is going abroad for a semester. Not only does this unique experience provide a taste of different university and studying system, but it also creates life-long memories of new friendships, a cultural diversity and, of course –...

Jul 23, 2021

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