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Fun fact: did you know there are wild flamingos in Salzburg? Or that there is a wildly popular street food place inspired by Bosnian cuisine in the heart of the city?

Feb 28, 2022

This is some insider knowledge shared by Ena Strika, our PSIR student. And no – Ena was not on a mission to chase flamingos or experience local street food, although it was a nice perk. She has been chosen for full-year mobility at the University of Salzburg, where she currently enjoys the privileges of being an Erasmus+ exchange student. Although it took some time adjusting to the new studying system, she commends the Uni staff on being very helpful in assisting all international students finding their way in the new environment, especially during Covid lockdown. She explains that professors lean towards a very interactive way approach: „Sometimes the courses of social sciences involved historical sightseeing within the city. Erasmus students are often also worried about the language barrier, however, the University offer a great choice of language courses besides German as well, ranging from the beginner to native speaking levels.“
Ena wrapped up with a great tip: „Life abroad has taught me how to be more independent and quick-witted. I would advise students who want to engage in the Erasmus exchange to be open-minded towards new experiences, cultures, languages and traditions as stepping out of our comfort zone helps us truly achieve personal growth“.
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