Why Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a place where the vitality of a vibrant city meets the warm and hospitable atmosphere of an old town. It is also a place where diverse people meet to create a cultural melting pot of shared understanding and rich dialogue. Sarajevo offers a unique atmosphere known only to those who have experienced the city – and everyone is welcome.

Sarajevo asserts itself as a growing educational centre of the Balkan region, marking it a hub of student life. Surrounded by lush mountains and idyllic nature, the centre bustles with vigorous energy, and clubs, cafes, theatres, and shops flourish with both the warm pulse of history and the exciting buzz of a modern metropolis.

Photo on this page by Midhat Poturović

The contrasts of Sarajevo are apparent in the city’s broad range of activities, cultures, and people, making it the perfect environment for students that follow an active lifestyle or prefer relaxation as a complement to their studies.

From the cozy cobblestones of Baršaršija’s boutiques and markets to the skiing and hiking trails of the grand Olympic mountains of Jahorina and Bjelašnica, Sarajevo is a city that rewards both the adventurous and laid-back student with its’s most precious gems. Shop for the most modern brands through the city centre and by the end of the day find yourself surrounded by the abundant greenery of Ilidža situated on the outskirts of Sarajevo, or in one of its numerous spas and springs at the foot of Mount Igman.

The energy of Sarajevo culminates with the spirited festivals that take place all throughout the year. The biggest international film names and stars from all around the world walk the red carpet during the famous Sarajevo Film Festival in the summer. Theatres, galleries, concert halls, and museums provide those interested in culture with the highest artistic achievements Sarajevo has to offer.

With all the activities and events, Sarajevo is still ideal for students on a budget. The city thrives upon a low living cost, high life quality, and everything is within walkable distance, with cheap rents and restaurants.

One needs to experience Sarajevo to understand how truly special it is. Visitors fall in love with it, artists are inspired by it, and those who have left it yearn to return to it. Sarajevo has always been a vibrant mix of East and West, a crossroads of culture and history, famed for its unbreakable spirit.

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