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Winter Academy 2024

Dec 26, 2023

University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology – SSST has once again enabled all high school students in Bosnia-Herzegovina a unique opportunity to experience studying at SSST through our Winter Academy to be held from January 15 to 19 at the premises of the University.


The SSST Winter Academy five-day program offers interactive and creative courses in computer sciences, information systems, economy, political sciences and international relations, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and game design and development. All participants have the unique opportunity to experience outstanding studying options and possibilities, tailored by international standards. They will be able to demonstrate their skillsets and competencies, develop new ones, engage with professors and students, exchange experiences and gain their very first SSST experience. The program is designed specifically for fourth-year high school students pondering their future studies, but it is also open to lower-year students, as well as all interested in studying at SSST.

Besides the possibility of taking their place among the ambitious, creative and excellent individuals soon to be SSST students, the Winter Academy participants will also receive the certificate of completion, and the opportunity to be among the best-ranked candidates and potential scholarship recipients.


To apply to the SSST Winter Academy 2024, kindly fill out the Application Form for WA2024 listing the study program of choice, and submit it within the deadline to, along with the payment confirmation. The participant fee is 30 BAM and covers all program activities.


The application deadline is Satudray, January 13, 2024.

All interested candidates will be given the option to take the entrance exam on the last Academy day (Friday, January 19). To submit the entrance exam application, the candidate should reach out to for additional instructions.


 For all updates on the program, please follow the official SSST social network accounts on Facebook and Instagram.


For additional information, reach out to us on 033 975 002 or

Join SSST Winter Academy and experience SSST to the fullest!


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